The Rell Brook Story
Here at Rell-Brook elderberry is very special to us. We didn’t just stumble across the word elderberry. We’ve used elderberry and experienced it’s glory for ourselves. Our owner has a story of her own on how elderberry has helped her when she received a diagnosis. It is our wish that we touch many families and lives by enjoying this Grand Berry!

From The Founder

Hi, I’m Janese. I found out that I had Lupus Nephritis after experiencing a blood clot in 2017. As I began chemotherapy treatments, my doctor warned me that I would be susceptible to colds and infections during this time. I began searching for natural ways to boost my immune system when I stumbled upon Elderberry. I learned that it’s a mighty berry packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help fight colds, infections, and respiratory conditions. Elderberry also contains Vitamins C, A, D, and B Complex, which boosts energy.   After doing my research, I learned how to creatively prepare and produce my own Elderberry products! Not only did it taste amazing, but I noticed immediate health benefits. I shared my products with family and friends, and when I saw an increase in demand, I turned these homemade products into a small business. Rell-Brook is named after my son Terrell and my daughter' Brook'Lyn. It was established in 2018 to provide customers with immune-boosting, all-natural drinks, syrups, and products to add to your daily routine. Try Elderberry Lemonade, Elderberry Tea, or our syrup today!
We use high quality ingredients to promote health and well being for people of all ages
— Janese McCutchen
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